The Secrets

You need a purpose: do what you want to do and make money at it.  Don’t do something just because you are trying to make money.  Eventually it will become a job and you will grow to hate it just like the job you have now.

Motivation: It should not be a problem staying motivated when you are doing something that you like.  It is very important to stay motivated.  Many people start out at full speed and become winded.  While this out of the gate excitement is paramount, slow and steady still wins the race.

Progress: Progress almost always trumps perfection contrary to some beliefs.  While quality is very important as you build your business, progress is even more important.  One of my mistakes has been analysis til paralysis.  Keep moving forward, you can always go back and tweak something later.

Listen: One of the biggest mistakes I feel people make is only hearing what they want to hear.  Of course they want to hear how they can make five figures a month.  What they often overlook is exactly how to do this, the guidelines, and knowledge that is available.  People fall into their own routine and while they listen to the experts to a certain extend, they take their own shortcuts and the only thing they are short-cutting is themselves.

Written by Jeff